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GalaxyPlus for Investors

The Galaxy Plus and Galaxy Plus Hedge Managed Account Platforms were created to provide qualifying investors with efficient and effective access to a multitude of alternative investment strategies, while reducing fees and expenses and increasing transparency. With access to the Galaxy online portal, qualifying investors are able to view a menu of managers and complete the subscription process.

The Galaxy Plus Difference

The Galaxy Platforms believe in providing investors with: Options, Customization, Oversight


A single, operationally efficient infrastructure that provides near real-time data, frequency of liquidity and notional funding capabilities and risk management


The Galaxy MAPs provide investors access to over 35 separately segregated funds, both onshore and offshore. The platform is constructed to welcome any advisor’s strategy, which gives an investor access to a wide array of alternative investment strategies.


The platforms are curated to include a broad set of alternative investment strategies. With over 35 managers on the platform, investors can diversify their portfolios by investing in multiple alternative asset strategies, creating their own bespoke investing solution. Galaxy Plus provides control to investors through transparency, weekly liquidity, and customizable reporting to fit their needs.


Galaxy conducts operational and investment due diligence on each of its managers before a fund is launched on the platform and maintains ongoing diligence as long as a fund remains on the platform. Galaxy conducts risk and guideline monitoring on all platform strategies in near-real time. Galaxy also has key relationships with outside legal counsel and auditors to ensure compliance at the highest standard.

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New Hyde Park Alternative Funds, LLC, is the sponsor of the Galaxy Plus Fund, LLC; Galaxy Plus Hedge Fund, LLC; and GP Digital Assets Trust. Through the associated Platforms, New Hyde Park Alternative Funds, LLC provides access to products available to investors who meet the suitability requirements.

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