Galaxy Plus Adds Multiple Fund Managers to Managed Account Platform, Announces New Ownership

East Alpha, John Locke Investments, PlusPlus Capital Management and Volt Capital Management bring liquid alternative investments to Galaxy Plus users

New Hyde Park Alts acquires Gemini Alternative Funds, LLC and its Galaxy Plus Platform from Ultimus Fund Solutions

CHICAGO, IL, December 9, 2020 – Galaxy Plus, a platform for managers and investors providing an institutional level, “managed account like” experience in alternative assets, today announced the addition of four new fund managers available on the Galaxy Plus Platform. Now available on the Platform are funds from East Alpha, John Locke Investments (JLI), PlusPlus Capital Management and Volt Capital Management. These managers join a diverse offering of alternative investment vehicles from over 30 different fund managers that includes managed futures, commodities, hedge funds, foreign equities and derivatives contracts.

In August, Gemini Alternative Funds, LLC and its Galaxy Plus Platform were acquired by New Hyde Park Alts from Ultimus Fund Solutions. Administration, as well as oversight of platform cash control, is still handled by Ultimus, continuing to be the strategic servicing partner of Galaxy Plus. “The acquisition of Galaxy Plus strengthens the distribution of the Platform while maintaining the strong, independent operational expertise of Ultimus’ support,” said Peter Getz, managing member of New Hyde Park. “We look forward to using our resources and connections to increase distribution, reach more investors and introduce managers to our existing clients.”

Galaxy Plus enables qualified investors such as RIAs, pensions, mutual funds and family offices to access multiple underlying trading advisors through a centralized platform. The open architecture infrastructure provides investors with an institutional level investing experience through a variety of alternative investment strategies with lower investment minimums, transparency, access to near real-time data, notional funding, risk monitoring and management services, and frequent liquidity.

“The investment strategy we deliver to the wealth management community serves to stabilize and add diversification to traditional portfolios,” said Patrik Safvenblad, Chief Investment Officer at Volt Capital Management. “With our fund on the Galaxy Plus platform, we’re able to focus on our strategy and know with confidence that Galaxy Plus is a one-stop shop solution for a comprehensive service offering along with distribution efforts.”

Creating a private fund using Galaxy Plus takes the operational burden off the managers shoulders and utilizes the resource of the Platform to provide all of the required services, including lower fees, better control, transparency, governance and customization. The Platform empowers fund managers to focus on what they do best – trading – while the Platform runs the fund’s middle and back office operations.

“I’m incredibly proud of the value our team delivered to fund managers and investors this year, growing the assets on the platform by 40 percent. We’re fielding multiple inquires per day from managers looking to expand their distribution channels,” said David Young, president of Gemini Alternative Funds. “With a strong management team and our vast network, we expect tremendous growth in managers, investors and of course assets in 2021.”

About Galaxy Plus

Galaxy Plus is a managed account platform for managers and investors providing an institutional level, “managed account like” experience in alternative assets. The Galaxy Plus Platform is an innovative solution providing a flexible structure, increased efficiency, lower costs, increased risk mitigation, and a secure infrastructure. For more information, please visit us at

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